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Stalled & Starting Credential Program (To Do List)

I’ve been feeling stalled again. I was trying to stop whining and start doing things, which is why I haven’t written. I want to concentrate on the progress being made, not on my failings. Good things over the past week:

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Perceptions of family

I don’t really know my brother, well half-brother. We share a father, and he’s 9 years younger than me. I’ve only met him twice: just before he turned 4 and when he was 16. We recently connected on Facebook. We

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Hoarding Shows and Cleaning

I’ve been watching shows like Hoarders and Clean House, both of which are dwarfed by this CNN story. I watch them and get inspired for a couple of hours to do something about my apartment. It’s helping, kind of. My

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Money Monday: Embarrassment

Well, my bank balances embarrass me this bright Monday morning. I didn’t go totally crazy buying a ton of stuff I didn’t need, but I did make a few impulse purchases. Today, I need to buy oil for the truck,

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Family & relationships

Family at its best can be supportive, encouraging, and wonderful. Unfortunately, many of us have family members that do not meet that ideal. I had a fight with my sister through facebook the other day. I had intended to write

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