Realizing my fatal flaw

Since my step-father’s death, I started tutoring to bring some kind of cash in. I got an entry-level job in a new field. And I finally finished school.

My daughter and I rented rooms in other people’s homes for about 15 months, then moved into a one bedroom apartment where we still are.

But, my life still isn’t where I want it.

I’m fat. My apartment looks like a cross between an episode of Clean House and Hoarders. I need a better job. I need to grow my business. I need to save more money. My daughter is learning horrible food and chore habits because of my inability to be consistent.

Over the last year, I’ve realized that all of these problems could be solved with one, simple attribute: self-discipline.

This is the one issue that Bill and I butted heads over for many years.

He tried to teach me that it was important, and I resisted every lesson.

I’m only realizing at 40 years old how this has cut off my nose to spite my face.

Can I fix it at this late date? Can I change?

Can I ever be the person that:

keeps track of what I eat
pays attention to what I spend
exercises 3x a week
has a clean, organized, nice place to live?

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