Money Monday: Embarrassment

Well, my bank balances embarrass me this bright Monday morning.

I didn’t go totally crazy buying a ton of stuff I didn’t need, but I did make a few impulse purchases. Today, I need to buy oil for the truck, milk, and cereal. That should be all I need to spend for the next few days. I get paid tomorrow night, so it will be better by Wednesday.

Hmm, I’m experiencing a great deal of resistance at the idea of posting this. But I should, in the interest of honesty.

The Positives:
Bank Savings:                                          $25.01
Bank Checking:                                       $25.00
Credit Union Checking:                            $49.43
Credit Union Savings:                                $0.72
Black Belt* Savings:                               $601.27
Summer (7/2011) Buffer Club Savings:          $5.00
Summer (6/2011) Buffer Club Savings:        $10.00

The summer buffer for July was deposited into my acct a few days ago, and, yes, I needed it, a little too much. I was initially hoping to roll at least half of it over to next year, but I needed it. There were a couple of bills that I almost forgot to pay, which is embarrassing.

Am I not an adult? Can I not handle things like this? I need to improve my memory systems. And clamp down on my spending.

One mistake I made was doing the bulk of my grocery shopping this week at SaveMart instead of Food Source. When I do that, I spend about $20-30 more, and I know it. I should be able to make sure I do that.

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