Stalled & Starting Credential Program (To Do List)

I’ve been feeling stalled again.

I was trying to stop whining and start doing things, which is why I haven’t written. I want to concentrate on the progress being made, not on my failings.

Good things over the past week:

  • Did dishes 3 times. (Yes, I know, but this is really good progress for me.)
  • Cooked dinner 3 times. (Again, really good for me.)
  • Took C to the state fair. We had a great time!
  • Walked over 10,000 steps at the fair.
  • Went for a 1.8 mile walk tonight.

I am registered for the first class in my teaching credential program at National University starting Monday. I’m excited to finally be moving on with this stage, and nervous about screwing it up. I’m not great at getting paperwork done in a reasonable time, and this is key for this program.

I hope that the format of one online class every month, and the quick pace will prevent me from doing my usual nuttiness where I stop going to classes half-way, and then spend the last couple weeks of class trying desperately to catch up.

There’s a ton of stuff I have to do this weekend, before the class starts:

  • Work through an online pre-class orientation.
  • Fill out 3 forms that I have to turn in at orientation. 
  • Gather together a few MORE things for VA Voc Rehab guy.
  • Write my statement to get Voc Rehab guy to buy me a new computer.
  • Check out what I need to start the class Monday.
  • Write an email to my existing students’ parents explaining that I’m returning to school, and will be STRICTLY enforcing my cancellation policy, and that rates for new clients are going up.
  • Get the house a little cleaner.
  • Go for another walk tomorrow.
  • Look at some recipes to try.
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Do a blog post for the friendship fitness blog.

Goodness, that’s a lot, but it’s mostly computer work, so I better get started.

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