Lots going on – School, work, business. . .

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now. So much so that I’m a little worried about myself.

Earlier today, BFF asked me to fill out my Moodscope chart, because I hadn’t in 2 months. I’m really thankful that I have someone in my life that is that attuned to my moods. Thanks for worrying.

I’ve started grad school, at National University, for my teaching credential. It’s only been one week, and I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. One main reason is all these things I have to pay for. I’ll be reimbursed for much of it, but it will take time for the reimbursement to happen. I’ve got to gather together my receipts so I can put in for the reimbursement. I also still need to gather some more info for my Voc Rehab guy, and the info for the books I need for my September class.

I’m unfocused at my day job, which is not good. I need to do as well as I am able at this job, so they will accommodate the time off I will need for classroom observations. I don’t want to be the office screw up. I want to do well at whatever I do, even if it is not my ideal situation.

My business is in a lull time right now; it always is right before school starts again. But I should be getting my business license in the mail soon, which is exciting.

I’m afraid it will all be too much for me, especially since I haven’t completed my goals of getting my apartment organized or setting up new cleaning routines.

I have cleaned the kitchen today, and most of the dining area, and C has made some progress in the living room, but it’s not enough for me to feel comfortable yet.

I’m also not keeping up with this blog very well. I want to write things about observations from other blogs and things I read. Instead, it’s turning into a journal. Not what I intended.  But that’s ok, for the moment. I need a place where I can process what I’m going through, and this is as good a place as any.

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