Nothing if not resilient

I’ve been working for a small business. The business has not been doing well for quite some time. The owners have reached a point where they need to make drastic changes to keep the company going.

One of those changes is laying me off, and making me a contractor. My last day as an employee will be December 23rd. After the first of the year, I come back for 8 hours a week. I’ll work 4 hours a week from home, and 4 hours on Friday.

I will be eligible for unemployment, so that’s good.

I found out about this on Wednesday.

Here’s the funny part.

For months, I’ve been talking about applying for a substitute teaching credential.

For weeks, I’ve been saying that I needed more time to do observations at different times of the day and for different teachers.

On Monday, I had finally gotten off my ass and applied for the credential.

I was thinking that after my credential came through, I could put in notice with the company and let them know that I would be available for special projects or to help transition on days that I wasn’t tutoring.

When the boss told me Wednesday about this change in status, I was actually almost relieved.

I don’t have to do the hard part of approaching them about this plan.

It’s happening a month or two earlier than I thought it would.

But I’m already working on things to improve MY business.

I’ll be able to collect unemployment.

They owe me for more than 100 hours PTO. I’ve only been working about 27 hours a week lately, anyway, so that 100 hours is like getting 2 more paychecks from them. That will last me until the unemployment kicks in.

The 8 hours a week I work as a contractor will subtract a little from the unemployment, but will still help me.

Then I should get a big tax refund, which could act like another 3 or 4 paychecks.

By then, the substitute certificate should come through.

Meanwhile, I can volunteer and observe teachers in various schools to get my name out there for subbing.

As long as I don’t get depressed while this is happening, I’ll be good.

So far, my anti-depression plan includes:

  1. Getting up at the same time every day.
  2. Take C to school, just like normal.
  3. Hit the gym immediately afterward – get the endorphins flowing and help me have energy to tackle the day. Also, there’s a ton of studies about exercise helping keep one from being too depressed.

So, wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Nothing if not resilient”

  1. I'm sorry you got laid off; however it sounds like you have a very workable plan. I agree with spending some time outside in the sun or perhaps buying a full spectrum light bulb for your major light source. Not sure how effective they are but it can't hurt.

    You sound totally in control.

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