Burn out

In my afternoons and evenings, I tutor math.
I enjoy doing it, and I’m working on building a bigger business around it.
But, since August, I’ve been working during the day, tutoring in the evenings, creating a class around one student, staying up late to do grad school work (for my teaching credential) and trying to stay involved in my teenage daughter’s life.
I’m flat out exhausted. I’ve stopped spending a lot of time with BFF because I’ve been so tired and I need to have time to recharge.
For months I’ve been looking forward to this week, the week between Xmas and New Year’s. This week I have no grad school class. I knew I was going to be furloughed this week from work. And 99% of the time, my clients don’t need help during this week.
Last week, I contacted an old client that has pre-paid for several sessions, but hadn’t used them yet.
I was trying to see if she’d need me soon.
And she does, and that’s great.
Except she wanted help this week.
And I’ve been so resentful on this demand on my time, when I thought I wouldn’t be working, that I haven’t even called to set up the appointment.
I need to get over this and call her so I don’t lose the client. But I’m so tired!

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