Burned out on School

I just finished 10 monthly classes at National University.

National is one of those for-profit private universities aimed at working adults. I’m in a graduate program for my teaching credential, and took all my classes online.

On the one hand, being able to get the classes out of the way quickly was very cool.

On the other, I’m so burned out. Burned out on school. I’m prickly and pissed off all the time. I don’t want to be around people. My grades were ok, but the classes were frustrating.

There have been times when the school did not help me very much, like finding classes to observe, or receiving guidelines for those observations.

Now, I’m supposed to do student teaching in the Fall, but I haven’t heard anything from the school. I’m pretty sure there are a few other things I need to do before I can do the student teaching, and it’s not done yet, so once again, I sabotage myself with paper work.

One of the things is Teaching Performance Assessments. I have to fill two of these out and pass them before I can student teach. I totally don’t know how to do them, and the school has been no help at all. So, I’ve blown them off until now. Now, I must finish them in a couple of weeks.

I need to make an appointment to see my counselor, because they are changing something about the student teaching classes.

I also need to get my waiver letter that shows I’m qualified to teach math. I should have done that months ago. I actually called and talked to the department head about it in January, but I never went to the school to pick it up.

I have not seen my best friend in months, and I could not see her the last time she called. She has barely communicated with me since. I know it’s my fault for not being available or making time for her, but I just haven’t been able to make the first move.

I’m tired, and I shouldn’t be. I’m not working full time now, and I only have a couple of tutoring clients. I did a lot of cleaning on Monday, and that felt good, but then I didn’t follow through the rest of the week.

I’ve been erratic about taking my medication, which is part of the problem. I’m back to filling a weekly pill box so I can tell at a glance if I’ve taken them or not, instead of relying on my (spotty) memory.

I guess this post doesn’t really have a point, but I sort of needed to vent, I guess.