Anyone who has been following my facebook feed has seen me be completely nuts about Swagbucks. You can win or earn “swagbucks” for various activities, including searching the web. Some daily bucks you can win include:

1 for installing the toolbar (yes, every day you reopen your browser, you get a point for having the toolbar)
1 for a daily 1-question poll
3-15 for SwagbucksTV. Every 10 videos you watch, you get 3 SB up to 5x daily.
2-10 for playing games. Every 2 or 3 games you play, click on “back to games” and you get credited for 2 SB up to 5x per day
5 for Ad Rewards – go to “special offers” and then “ad rewards”. Answer three survey-type questions and then watch 5 videos. During each video, 2 numbers will be displayed. After the video, enter the two numbers, and receive a swagbuck.

You can also get random SBs ranging from 5-50 for searches 3-4 times a day.

I’ve clipped some coupons and used them, but they say it takes 8-12 weeks to credit them. I think it’s supposed to be 10 sb per coupon.

So far, in about a month, I’ve earned 3 $5 Amazon Gift Cards, and I’m only 117 SB away from a fourth. There are lots of things you can buy with the Swagbucks, but the $5 Amazon gift card is one of the best deals for the bucks.

So, if you’re interested, sign up through me at Swagbucks. I will get referral swagbucks, up to 1000, for any SBs you earn for searching only.

I’m completely obsessed with this!