Walking a labyrinth

Morse Park in Elk Grove has a stone labyrinth. I discovered this a couple of years ago when I went to a dog walk/run event with Mon a few years ago.

I’ve wanted to go back ever since, but have never made it, until today. I have a tutoring client that I saw today that lives only a couple of miles from the park. The time of day my appointment with her was during a high traffic time, and after a stressful ride down, I didn’t want to drive back in heavy traffic, so I headed to the park.

There is also fitness equipment there, and sometime I want to go back and do the circuit.

But anyway, today I just walked the labyrinth, similar to this design, as a moving meditation.

I’ve been experiencing a high level of anxiety lately, and as I was walking into the pattern, in several places, I had to stop and breathe through mounting anxiety. It seemed to take a long time to reach the center, and the pattern turned and kept going longer than I thought it would.

I relaxed when I got to the center and tried to empty my mind.

The entrance and the opening to the center face west, and you must face east when leaving.

In several cultures, the Underground/Afterlife is found in the west, where the sun sets (or metaphorically dies). This makes the east the direction of birth and rebirth.

While I did not have any visions or amazing insights, the way out (which is exactly the same as the way in) did not cause anxiety and seemed to take half the time of the way in.

Not sure what that means, as my anxiety is again rising now, several hours after the labyrinth. But I did feel better for a time.

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