Out of the woodwork. . .

Apparently, this is a year for reminiscing.

Another ex has popped up.

The one in the spring was my #1 most influential relationship. This one is #2.

And he’s writing a book.

About most of the women in his life.

And I play a prominent role, I guess.

And he wanted a few of my memories to add to the book.

Um, yeah.

So, we’re talking, via email, and he tip-toes around a couple of the big issues. But he hones in on issues I thought we’d resolved ages ago. We have talked several times over the years. After our last encounter, where I literally told him he shouldn’t be looking up old girlfriends when his wife was about to have a baby, I pretty much was done with him. I think I got as much resolution as I was ever going to have with that relationship.

But what he wants is for me to just write, randomly, about some of my memories.

And I don’t want to.

So, I tell him I’ll answer specific questions, but not randomly write.

And the things he brings up are things we talked about back in 92 and 2004. I’ve apologized for the things I did wrong, and told him some of the things he could work on for future relationships.

In fact, I went back and found some posts on the Fool from when he contacted me back in 2004 and verified that we did indeed talk about this shit before.

Anyway, there was a point in my life when I thought I’d never get over this one and now, I’m thinking, “Thank the Gods that we didn’t stay together!” We probably would have killed each other.

To the good, this is not sending me on the roller-coaster that the other one sent me on. Just pissing me off a bit.

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