New name for the blog?

I’ve been contemplating changing the name of this blog, but I’d like some input from others.

The name was chosen to acknowledge the role my late stepfather tried to fill in my life. He and I had many conflicts while I was growing up, but I know now that he was trying to instill some important life skills in me, skills that I still lack.

That is still true, but I don’t know if the name of the blog really conveys what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’d like this to turn into a self-help place, like Zen Habits or becoming a happier, emotionally healthier person, like the Happiness Project.

The name doesn’t say that. The subtitle sort of does, and I’m trying to create tags that will. But I don’t know even where to start.

I’m thinking something like, “Creating a better me”?

I’d sort of like something cute and funny, but I have a hard time coming up with cute and funny.

So, I’m crowd-sourcing here. Anyone have any ideas? Please comment or reply to ishtar_diana at

Current happenings

Lots of different things going on in my head at the moment, so this might take the form of a disorganized list.

  • For my birthday, I received a Kindle Fire HD. I’m really, really excited about this, I can’t even describe. 
    • I’ve downloaded almost 100 books for FREE so far. 
    • For productivity and organizational help, I’ve got List Master, Evernote and Connected Mind (a mind map program).
    • For mindless entertainment, there’s NetflixHulu PlusAndoku Sudoku 2,Mahjong Deluxe, and a zillion other games. 
    • For music, I can stream Pandora or store stuff on Amazon Cloud to download. The Cloud offers up to 250 songs for free. If you need more than that, you can pay a small annual fee for virtually unlimited space.
    • Email: I can sync ALL my hotmail and gmail accounts (as well as yahoo, exchange or “other” email accounts) and access them all from one screen. That is so much cooler than switching identities in hotmail or logging out and logging back in for gmail on a web browser.
  • We’re getting down to the wire for C’s college applications. She’s got the most important one in, but is dragging her feet on the others. But she’s got the next week off of school, so she’ll have time to finish. She also needs to work on her senior project.
  • I’m still not working and there’s only a few weeks until unemployment runs out. I’ve got to find something NOW and I’ve been dragging my feet. Look for a fear of success post soon.
  • I’m still talking to M. The conversation has really mellowed, but I still get a flutter whenever I see that he’s responded. Damn, it’s so easy to turn me into an incoherent, lovesick teenager. How do I feel? I don’t know. There are obstacles, and I don’t know if it would be possible to work something out, nor do I know if he’d want to, but things are mellowing into pleasant conversation for the most part. I did journal about some boundaries I need for my sanity, and as long as things remain within those boundaries, I’d like to keep talking, see where things end up.
  • Mentally/emotionally I’m all over the map. Good, almost great, days, but also too many days where I’m doing a lot of nothing. It’s annoying, but I’m trying to remain consistent with my meds.