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I had a love/hate relationship with being a technician back when I was one. I loved working with mostly geeky guys and not being afraid of tech talk. The work was ok, I was. . . competent. But very quickly

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I remember a few years back gratitude journals were thee big self-help/spirituality fad. Oprah talked about it, even, and it became fairly mainstream. I’ve been listening to a bunch of interviews with

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Couple of quick random notes

Thanks for the feedback on the video. I think I’ll do some from time to time, maybe a couple times a month. I watched a couple of videos recently that were interviews with successful people. One, an interview with Amos

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Motivation and Action

This is my first attempt at a Vlog, so I’d appreciate some feedback. I think I talk a little fast (always a problem for me) and the times I look down at my notebook are a little distracting. Any other

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Dream: Bricks and fire

Sometimes images from dreams remain strong, and a couple of images keep coming up for me from last night’s dream: bricks and fire. To start off, I was living in an old brick townhouse connected to a long building. I

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