Here’s to a better year: 2013

I’ve been reading Goddess Leone’s emails and posts for a long time, but I never took action on anything. I just read them, nodded in agreement and then went on doing whatever I was doing.


“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

  —  W. L. Bateman

Something about this year feels different.

I feel more optimistic about everything than I have in a long time. I’m not sure what the difference is, but I’m going with it.It feels good, but it doesn’t feel out-of-control-manic.

So, I pulled the trigger and bought  2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook.

I’m working through it now. I’m still somewhat stuck on some of it, but I’m feeling good about the parts I’ve done so far. 

One of the things I’ve put on my “100 Things To Do in 2013” list is: 52 blog posts.

That would be one per week. 

I didn’t specify WHICH blog, so as long as I write on one of the blogs every week, I’ll meet my goal.

But there’s a LOT I’d really like to do this year. When my list is done, I’ll post some of it here.

I’m enjoying this process so much that I became an affiliate for Leonie’s products. If you see some of her colorful banners popping up here, I strongly recommend the product. For disclosure, I will receive 50% of anything bought through the links on this page.

Buying them will help us both out! You’ll get a process to analyze and implement your goals and I’ll get a bit of money.

Goddess Leonie is a hippy, dippy, new-agey, dreamy type person, but she’s also a Let’s get shit DONE!” person.
Her process contains a little meditation, a little ritual, a little dreaming and quite a bit of “What’s the next step to make that happen?”

It’s only $9.95 for the “Life” edition.

Try it!

So, before the month is up, before your resolutions are in the trash can, sign up and try this out.

2 thoughts on “Here’s to a better year: 2013”

  1. Anything more to add? Is that a:

    “hmmm” that's making me think? Or a “hmmm” I'm full of crap? Or a “hmmm” I can't believe you're doing an affiliate thing?

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