New Name: Life Uncalculated

Back in November, I talked about wanting to change the name of the blog. I didn’t get any response through here (probably because not many people read it), but I did get some responses on the other forum.

As you can see, I decided to go with “Life Uncalculated” (Thanks, LQu!)

This is a nod to my math-teacher-ness as well as to the chaotic nature of being bipolar.

Also, while I’m working on becoming more disciplined, I’m not by nature disciplined, so the name captures that, too.

I was going back and forth between just going for the change or being stuck in my rut. But the old name no longer inspired me, and as I was working through Goddess Leonie’s Incredible Year Workbook,  realized that I want things around that inspire me.  So, I’m rebooting this blog with a new name, renewed focus.

My posting is likely to still be sporadic, but one of my goals is to become more consistent. I also want to start promoting the blog, but want a few more good posts on here first.

I am starting to create a calendar for the next quarter to help me plan my posts.

What are your goals for the next few months?


2 thoughts on “New Name: Life Uncalculated”

  1. I didn't comment on the name change because I didn't have any ideas. But I do remember reading the request. 🙂

    I usually write out my year's goals in December, but this December was hectic as can be. I finally worked on laying out some of my goals yesterday (using the Incredible Life workbook you recommended) and mymain, overarching goal is to embrace change. In the last 30 days I've quit a job, started a new job, and basically moved out of my home that I share with two cats and a new husband. I'd intended to commute to my job, either by train daily or rent a room out here and do it weekly… but I realized that is only to avoid change. It isn't practical or financially wise, and it will destroy my quality of life. So in the spirit of embracing change I will be looking for a house to buy if possible (or rent if necessary) near work. And then pull the trigger and move into it. Husband, cats, greenhouse, and all.

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