Back in November, I talked about wanting to change the name of the blog. I didn’t get any response through here (probably because not many people read it), but I did get some responses on the other forum.

As you can see, I decided to go with “Life Uncalculated” (Thanks, LQu!)

This is a nod to my math-teacher-ness as well as to the chaotic nature of being bipolar.

Also, while I’m working on becoming more disciplined, I’m not by nature disciplined, so the name captures that, too.

I was going back and forth between just going for the change or being stuck in my rut. But the old name no longer inspired me, and as I was working through Goddess Leonie’s Incredible Year Workbook,  realized that I want things around that inspire me.  So, I’m rebooting this blog with a new name, renewed focus.

My posting is likely to still be sporadic, but one of my goals is to become more consistent. I also want to start promoting the blog, but want a few more good posts on here first.

I am starting to create a calendar for the next quarter to help me plan my posts.

What are your goals for the next few months?