Incredible Year – Part 2 – Word of the year

More on Goddess Leonie’s Incredible Year workbook. . .

There’s a whole section on a Word for the Year, a “sacred” word to focus on throughout the year.

As I was releasing the 2012 stuff (the first part of the workbook), the one thing that came up over and over for me is something I’ve talked about here before: the fear of success. So, naturally, my word for the year is:

The above is a colored pencil drawing that I’ve stuck up on my door. I can see it from my lazy perch in my recliner. I can see it every time I leave the apartment. I think this is a good place for it. I’m considering making a couple more to put in other places.

I’m still working on the stuff that goes with it that helps you explore what hinders accomplishing the word, and what you can do to increase your chances of making it work.

One of the problems I’m having though is defining exactly what “Success” means for me.

I tried to write a paragraph about my “dreamiest day”.

It involved a couple of people I care about, and doing something fun. It included having “enough” money to wear new clothes and do a fun activity in a location far from home.

Other than that? I didn’t envision a particular job. I did see a large bank account and lots of web traffic.

But how do I get there?

These are things everyone thinks about, right? But there’s a major disconnect between where I am and where that is. There are all these intermediate steps that I don’t know how to fill in.

So, working on that.

What is “success” to me?

Enough money to pay my bills, have a nice place to live, have a little savings put away, help C with college. . . Feeling fulfilled in whatever work I’m doing; having fun with it. . . Having a partner whose skills complement mine, who can hold me up when I’m falling, who isn’t scared of my strength. . .

4 thoughts on “Incredible Year – Part 2 – Word of the year”

  1. That's where I stopped working. I don't know what my word is yet. But I think it's a very powerful exercise. But, yes, only if you can define what it means. After all, if you don't identify your target you can't ever hit it (except by accident), right?
    I love that you've defined yours. Yes, you'll eventually have to define ways to get there. But just defining what it IS is such an amazing first step. Great job!

  2. Well, you've just started a new job and move and looking at another move, so how about “settled” or something like that? There's a lot of chaos around you right now, so something, a word, more “stable”?

  3. I'd thought of that, but I think stability has been my goal and default for much too long. I'm considering “serenity”. I'd like to be grounded and at peace even when things aren't stable. When things aren't in my control, I usually get upset/angry/uncomfortable/bossy/irritable/etc. I think my focus should be on my reaction, rather than the situation.
    The instability has been all due to my choices to exchange that comfortable stability for wonderful opportunities. All the changes have been good, and intentional, and a healthy breaking away from my excessive need for stability.
    Mindfulness (something I saw on your list that is also on mine) is about accepting what IS, and I think I need more of that. This year I am embracing (calculated) risk. And I need to flow with it.

    Ah… Here's my lightning flash of inspiration: Whiplash. Only those who instinctively fight for stability get whiplash. Those who relax and flow with the sudden change of direction don't.

    Thanks for helping me think it through! I think tomorrow I'll flesh out my Sacred Word page!

  4. Well, now that I remember who your alter-ego is, yeah, I know you're making great changes for the better.

    I love serenity, but whiplash is brilliant! or maybe something like “flow”

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