Motivation and Action

This is my first attempt at a Vlog, so I’d appreciate some feedback.

I think I talk a little fast (always a problem for me) and the times I look down at my notebook are a little distracting.

Any other feedback, good or bad, is appreciated.

Some websites mentioned:


Go Kaleo

Zen Habits

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11 thoughts on “Motivation and Action”

  1. Two people told me privately that they posted comments, but the comments never showed up. If you've tried to post a comment and it hasn't posted, please email ishtar13 (at) outlook (dot) com.

  2. Good on motivation–discipline/dedication are the words you are looking for when unmotivated. Overall, you did a good job on this–it wa hard for me to hear, but I don't know if that was my computer or the recording. Be careful of too much arm movement–scratching head, reaching for throat–those are distracting. You look very nice.


  3. I watched a few minutes, but I am not really a fan of video blogs, I'd rather read something than watch something for 10 minutes. Sorry, just not my style.

  4. Fair enough. I prefer to read myself. But a lot of people are moving to Vlogs, and/or doing a combination of writing and videos. And if I eventually want to talk in front of people, I thought this could help me practice to get there.

  5. It was nice to put a face and voice to the words I've read from you for so long. I will say that I had trouble keeping focused on the whole video. You might want to try shorter videos.

    As for what you said about motivation and action, this was very timely for me because I've been thinking about how I am often thinking about things to do and then not taking actions on it. I seem to be addicted to buying self-help/self-improvement books (although lately I've been downloading the free ones for my Kindle), and then rarely reading them. When I do read them, even if I like them, I rarely take action or make any changes based on what I've read.

    Your current practice to write something for 10 minutes every day reminds me of the founder of SparkPeople. Chris Downie (a.k.a. SparkGuy) likes to tell the story of how he decided to do 10 minutes of exercise of some kind every day and kept track of his streak. His streak inspired a woman that he worked with to start her own fitness streak, which led to her losing a lot of weight eventually. SparkPeople actually encourages “streaking”:

    Anyway, keep up the good work on the blog. I think including occasional vlogs is a good idea, but if you're going to talk about other blogs, you might want to include links to those blogs in the text accompanying the vlog.

  6. I think an occasional vlog is nice, though I don't know that I'd watch one every day. Maybe a couple times a month though 🙂 I agree that when you're doing video you need to be careful of too much movement so it's not distracting for your viewers.

    Good for you!


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