Couple of quick random notes

Thanks for the feedback on the video. I think I’ll do some from time to time, maybe a couple times a month.

I watched a couple of videos recently that were interviews with successful people. One, an interview with Amos Winbush of Cybersynchs on the blog Eventual Millionaire talked about some of the hard times he went through at the beginning of founding his company. He also talked about an affirmation he used. He would walk the streets in New York City, throw his arms open wide and say (or think):

I am open and receptive of all the abundance and energy in the universe. Thank you, life!

I just thought that was beautiful.

He also said he had the same negative self-talk we all have, and he felt like a failure, like maybe he wasn’t doing the right thing. All of it. But he said his affirmation helped keep him centered.

I know the interview is long, over 40 minutes, but I thought it was really good.


I’ve started a newsletter attached to the blog. If you’re interested in receiving it, please sign up HERE or at the top of the right hand side bar.

Right now, it’s just links to recent posts (in case you miss some) and stuff I find interesting, but not enough to put on the blog.

In the future, I hope to put some special offers, previews or contests in it.

3 thoughts on “Couple of quick random notes”

  1. I signed up for your newsletter. Is the “undefined” field on the signup form that appears to be a date (mm/dd) supposed to be a birthdate? Just wondering.

    I think the newsletter is a good idea. I don't use RSS or anything like that, so I find that whenever I follow a link to your blog that you post on FB, I have missed a few posts. The newsletter should help me remember to keep up with what you're doing.

  2. Yeah, it's supposed to be a birthday, but it's fine to leave it blank. I'll have to check the master and see why it says “undefined”. Thank you for the heads up.

    And thanks for signing up!

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