That Gratitude Thing (Again)

This is only my 4th post on the 7th day of the blogging challenge.

It’s difficult to come up with something to write every day. 😛

I have been thinking about gratitude again this last week, as I spent almost a week crashing at other people’s homes while there was a heatwave going on and my a/c was broken (again? still? WTF?).

I have realized that I often talk about negative things. It seems that I want to write more when I’m trying to work through something negative than I do when I’m feeling good.

I guess when I’m feeling good or happy or content (or somewhat manic, even) I am DOING things rather than writing about them.

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But I know that expressing gratitude and good emotions is also important to keep on an even keel.

So, today, I am most grateful for my BFF and the fact that even though we haven’t hung out together as much in the last 3 years or so (and sometimes things have been strained), that she is still there for me, and she let me use her place while she was out of town for the last 4 nights.

I’m also grateful for another friend that put me up for a couple of nights last week.

From Pixabay

I’m grateful for internet service (especially since I may be losing it soon. . . .). Being able to connect on the internet is a really big deal for me. There have been points in the past where I was unable to speak to people in real life or to pick up a phone, but I was able to communicate online. Sometimes it was through using libraries/free services and sometimes from my home, but the ability to communicate instantly in writing has been critical to me at various points. There are so many internet communities and mini-communities that have become important, no VITAL, to me.

I am grateful that I have an apartment. The period from Sept 2006-March 2008 was not a comfortable one. I complain about this place a lot, but it is so much better than sleeping on a friend’s floor and/or renting a room in someone else’s house.

I am grateful that my daughter has grown up to be a fantastic person despite having me as a mom.

I am grateful for my resilience.

What are you grateful for right now?

11 thoughts on “That Gratitude Thing (Again)”

  1. I have a Checklist app on my Kindle on which I made a list of “What I'm Thankful For” earlier this year and have added to once in a while. It's a good exercise for me to look at it, especially if I start feeling worried about not having a job.
    I'm grateful that we live in a great area (not sure how long we're going to able to afford to stay unless I find a job).
    I'm grateful that my 2 sons are good people.
    I'm grateful to have a supportive husband who helps with the housework, doesn't complain that I haven't found a job yet, watches fun movies and TV shows with me, and tells me I'm awesome.
    I'm grateful for good health.
    Thanks for reminding us to be grateful for the good things in our lives!
    I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn new things in interesting classes.

  2. No, she's right. Darnit, as you posted yourself awhile back, give yourself credit for things you've done right!* No, you're not perfect, nobody is, and sure, some of it is her and not you, but overall it's “as a result of” far FAR more than “despite”

    *- And before you say anything – yeah, I should take some of that advice myownself… 😛

  3. As you know, I've got a bunch to be grateful for now. In no particular order, they are –

    A) being fortunate enough to be born with some skills that have put “the wind at my back” professionally.

    B) being married to an amazing woman who, in addition to being gorgeous, has a slew of other personal attributes without which we wouldn't be enjoying the benefits we currently are. Much as I'd like to attribute this to my brilliance at choosing people, it's entirely possible my life could have been TOTALLY different with just a few minor changes in events in my past. And not in a good way. So, so much for my brilliance.

    C) Stumbling into some beneficial situations professionally which have propelled our overall financial situation forward. Yes, yes, skills and hard work, yadda yadda, but some of it has been being in the right place at the right time. Not to mention my amazing wife noted above, who has helped in many ways to open up options that otherwise might not be there.

    D) my own kidlet. I'm grateful just to have one, as that was almost exclusively luck given our situation (granted, we DID practice a whole lot :-P), and that she's healthy and generally a good person. Yes, again, we may be helping that process along, but we've got good raw material to work with, and that's all her.

    E) I'm grateful for numerous friends who have helped and continue to help us in ways large and small along the road so far.

    There's more I want to accomplish, but so far it ain't bad. And you're right, all of us need to sit back and take stock of what we've done. Some days it may not look like much, but progress is good. Back when I was alone and broke, carless, indebted and living in a tiny apartment, I tracked the paydown of my credit card debt. The improvements were small but they were IMPROVEMENTS, and that meant I was getting somewhere. I could have (and often did) beat myself up over my own stupidity, but focusing on the steps forward was the better use of my time.

    My spreadsheet dates back to those days. Lotta steps since then, but sometimes I still look back at the balances during those months when everythign was iffy, and could still recite off to you almost every event during a ~16 motnh period back in the 90's, including the $10 ATM withdrawal when I left my CTA token at home and didn't have time to run back, which led to a $15 overdraft charge (which I feared but was hoping to avoid if one check would have just hit a day later), which totally screwed me up for the next couple weeks. And that's just one story…yeah, things are different now. Now.

  4. I love seeing so much gratitude floating around the net lately! Especially on a Monday! I am glad you can find these good things to write about.

    And I totally understand about it being easier to write when you are down and can't really do things – that's how I get, too.


  5. I know lots of parts of your story, and I think it's cool that you acknowledge both the hard work and the “luck” portions of your success. And you know, you do give me hope!

  6. I'm grateful that every hole I find myself in is of my own making, and it's within my power to dig out of them.
    (No, really. I'd much rather be able to point to some action of mine and say “Wow, I won't do THAT again” than to just think the universe screwed me over and there wasn't anything I could do about it, and no way to keep it from happening again.)
    I'm grateful that all I have are first-world problems.
    I'm grateful that I have friends like you who make me think and dig into my own brain to try to figure out how it works.

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