Weekly Oracle Reading: January 6-12, 2014

I’m a little late getting this up tonight. I thought I’d have time earlier in the day to write it up, but things got really busy at work and I took a short lunch.

Then, when I came home after tutoring, my poor little kitty had stopped eating again. 😦 Boo.

Today’s Oracle Reading is from the Energy Oracle Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor.

This is my newest deck, and it’s so gorgeous! For a few readings, I’ve blended it seamlessly with one of Colette Baron-Reid’s.  

Once again, I’m going to look at this as if it were for myself, but I’d love to hear if it relates to your life!

I’m doing a 3-card this time, but instead of Body/Mind/Spirit, I’m looking at it as Opportunities/Challenges/Outcomes.

1. Opportunities – 46. The Thinking Man – This card is supposed to represent either a mentor/teacher/guide or a possible new love interest. However, my eyes are drawn most to the crystal he’s holding, not the man. I feel this means a new path opening up – wisdom? knowledge? A new way of seeing things.

As I think about that a bit, there has been something I have started to look at in a new way – a path I’ve been walking that might need to change.

2. Obstacles – 18. Anxiety, Reversed – Anxiety is a big part of my life, constant stress – financial, social, near constant companion. While reversed, this card could imply an end to worries (or a need to worry), because it’s also in the position of Obstacles, I feel that it means that the worry/anxiety can be . . . harnessed. Like, when you get really keyed up before a big test and it helps you focus, or you really need that fight or flight reflex. So, like a double negative, no worries as an Obstacle means there may be some advantage gained by focusing the anxiety correctly.

3. Outcome – 43. Man Holding a Coin, reversed – So, sexy guy with money? Bring it on! 😛 Oh, but he’s reversed. hmmm. 😛

My initial feeling is that this could mean a drain of resources, which may be financial or may be emotional in a way that could affect finances or health. I think it’s pretty clear that in this deck “a coin” is like pentacles in the Tarot – representing the element of Earth – physicality, health and finances.

Putting it together, it appears that if I don’t figure out how to harness the anxiety, there may be a drain on my (emotional? physical?) resources – but in either case, new wisdom or a whole new path will be opened.

Does any of this relate to you? Please share below!

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