I didn’t have a lot of time to write this week. The political situation this week was insane, so here’s some happy inanity as an antidote.

On Saturday, BFF and I went to the Apple Hill area of Placerville. Most of the farms open next week, but a couple are open now. We spent too much money, but got some Ginger Gold apples, an orange-fleshed honeydew melon, sage honey, and a nice cover-up/scarf versatile garment. We stopped in the downtown Placerville area for lunch and wandered around in some of the stores.


Sunday, I went to my daughter’s new home and played in her garden. Found some cucumbers that were hiding from me last time, got some lovely tomatoes and peppers, and cut up some figs to dry.

At home, I processed a bunch of dried lavender that I picked earlier this summer. The lavender had been hanging to dry for a few weeks. I pulled the dried flowers off the stems and put them in jars. If anyone needs lavender, I might have more than I can use before next years harvest.



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