I know I’m not the only one that hates writing these about pages, but I’m never sure what to write here. So, some brief bits:

– Navy vet

– Single parent of a kid now in college

– Math degree

– Once upon a time, a Wiccan Priestess

– Eclectic Spirituality

– Tarot/Oracle card reader

– Bipolar (diagnosed Dec 1999)

Because of the last one, my life at times has been stressful, interesting, boring, broke, “it’s complicated” and a lot of other things.

As I’m writing this in April 2014, I have been fairly stable on meds and I’m working as a contractor for a small company and tutoring math.

After many years of being beyond broke, I’m finally starting to make enough money to have a little bit of a life.

This blog is mostly just me whining about my life, but I throw in a little spirituality, magick and mental health info from time to time.


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