Tarot Tuesday: Inauguration Post

I’ve been trying to think of on-going series I can do besides the “Self-Love” and “Mental Health” series, and I thought this one might be interesting to do.

As much as I can, every Tuesday, I’ll pull a card and talk about it.

We can look at this as a combination of a “card of the week” and learning the cards.

I thought about going through the cards and doing Major Arcana in order from 0-21, but that seemed so artificial and, well, trite.

I do intend this to be just Tarot. If I do an Oracle series, it will be under a different series name.

There are some obvious associations just looking at the card, but let’s take it a step at a time.

First, the numbers of the suits, or Minor Arcana, cards are sort of a mini-journey. It’s not the epic journey of the Fool through the Major Arcana cards, but it is a progression.

Aces are the beginnings of things, the seeds planted, Twos are about balance and the beginning growth of the seed, and so on.

The Suit of Cups represents the element of Water, which is about emotions and intuition.

So, this card represents a balance and growth of emotion. That seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

It is a card about partnerships, but it is not exactly the same as The Lovers card. While The Lovers may indicate some kind of meeting of soulmates, a “perfect” union, this card represents more temporal relationships, that is, relationships that may end.

Because of the posture of the figures, it’s easy to think of this as a marriage card, and it can be. But it can also represent other kinds of partnerships, like business partnerships or intimate friendships. The cards surrounding this one may help a reader figure out which it is.

There is also that glowing caduceus in the background, the snakes twisting around a winged staff. You may recognize this as a medical symbol, a symbol of healing. It also symbolizes some classic duality concepts: male/female, dark/light, etc.

The lion’s head on the caduceus is not a traditional part of the symbol. Here, I believe it represents a strength born of the union.


Now, this card actually came to me reversed this evening (Monday evening, as I write this).

Even though I meant this to be a card for my community, I fear that something in my personal life must have bled over into this reading.

Reversed, this indicates a problem with a relationship, perhaps even a break but maybe just an imbalance.

So, if you’re feeling a little out of balance, within yourself or within a relationship, this card offers a bit of a warning. This could be a time to work on communication skills to keep your relationships on an even keel.

Or it could be a sign that it’s time to make a break, if a relationship no longer serves you.

On a personal level, I’m involved in a venture that had several members and two people are leaving and not under the best circumstances. This situation came to a head today.

I am saddened by this, as I am friendly with all involved.

It’s not (really) the cards

The other day, Gwynne over at Transformational Intuition had this post about “The REAL Power in Tarot“. 

It really resonated with me because she voiced some of my feelings on the issue.
There have been hundreds of divination tools over the centuries, Different societies, different times have used different tools. 
Some are as simple as a candle flame or a bowl of water.
Some are as complex as the Tarot or as a crystal reading someone I know invented (very complex).
Which ones are best?
Which ones actually work?
All of them or none of them. 
Because it’s not the tool. It’s the reader, and if the reader is really in touch with their intuition, almost any tool will work. 
The tool is something for your conscious mind to focus on as your subconscious processes information.
That’s it.
The tool is a focal point.
The first time I read a palm, for example, I knew what the three major lines were, but my conscious mind went blank on what anything meant (despite having read several books). But as I looked as the person’s hand and allowed my mind to wander, I just talked. The person was pretty shocked at some things I said and pulled her hand away. She thought I was seeing too much.
Consciously, I didn’t really know what I was doing. My subconscious, however, had been processing stuff all along.
From Pixabay

I have used candle flames, bonfires, a bowl of water, a black mirror, Tarot, oracle cards, runes, smoke, palms, tea leaves, candle wax . . . 

While for some reason I don’t do as well with Runes as with other tools, I can use all of them/any of them, but only if I’m in the right frame of mind. 
If my conscious mind is too involved, it becomes more difficult. 
One thing that I’m finding interesting (and a bit difficult) about doing the written readings is that I have to be more consciously involved when doing the write ups. 
In person, I just tell my conscious mind to shut up and let the other parts of me take over, to the point where I often don’t even remember what I said.
But there is more of ME involved in doing the write ups. 
I’m not certain if this is a good thing or not, to be honest. 
That’s one reason why I’m going to start adding videos to my readings as an optional extra (I’ll get that on the sales pages sometime this week) – so you can get the benefit of both forms of the reading.
This evening, I asked on the FB Page if anyone would be interested in a course to develop your intuition. If it’s something that you’ve never thought about or tried before but you’re interested, perhaps I could come up with something.

What direction now?

The last week has been rough for a couple/few reasons.

1. There was a heatwave for the last 7 days. I don’t do well in hot to begin with, and 105+ degrees (Fahrenheit) doesn’t help.
2. The air conditioning in my apartment is still broken. I’ve been having trouble with it for about a year and a half now. No one knows what is wrong. They’ve replaced everything except the lines. Tuesday they thought everything was fine, but it was over 85 degrees inside at 10pm. The expert can’t get out there until Friday (the 5th).
3. The brake lights on my car are doing this weird thing where one of them isn’t going out. So, I had a dead battery. I needed to replace the battery, but didn’t have the money and had to borrow that.
4. I’ve been staying at friends’ homes while waiting for the a/c expert.
5. All last weekend, I slept about 4-6 hours, broken sleep, not good sleep. Losing sleep is very bad for my mood state.

I feel disconnected from everything, even though I spent most of the day yesterday getting caught up on sleep. I thought I’d feel better after I slept, but I don’t.

I’m doing various things right now to bring in money, and even though there’s a lull right now, things will pick up a bit in August.

But my energy is scattered because I can’t concentrate on any of the things.

I’m trying to turn the blog into a business, and in some ways it’s starting to move. I’ve made a couple hundred dollars each month since I started doing the Tarot readings, a little more each month. My FB page now has just under 150 “likes”. On FB, people respond and we’ve gotten a few good conversations going. Those are good things. When I pay attention to it and post regularly, stuff happens.

I’ve been trying to think of what my next step with this business is.

If I want the blog and business to concentrate on the Tarot and Oracle card readings, the next step would be to start writing up a series of “how to” posts, and then eventually package them as an ebook or an online class.

Except. . . .

I started selling the readings so that I had something to sell, so I could get started right away. And I like doing them, and it’s going well. But I never intended for my blog and/or business to concentrate only on those things.

Whenever I start thinking about writing up training stuff, I just think. . . . There’s already so.fucking.much. out there. There are literally hundreds of books written on the topic, and I don’t know how to even count how many websites doing it.

I guess I feel like it’s not that difficult, like anyone can do it if they want to.

But is that true? Or is it just my mood state making me feel inadequate? After all, I’ve been reading on and off for about 25 years. Maybe there’s something in my head that could help people?

Just pick up a couple/few books and start practicing on people you know. Meditate on a new card every day. Keep a notebook and write up what comes up for you in the meditation. Practice, practice, practice. Make sure you read several books and get different perspectives. Maybe play with a little numerology or look into how the cards correspond with various aspects of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. . . .

I think part of me feels that if I start down that road, I won’t be able to change later, but as I write that sentence, I realize that is a silly fear – I’m in charge, I can always change direction or add to it.

So, I’m asking – Would any of my readers be interested in that?

I started writing up how I was learning a new oracle deck on FB in the “notes” section, but that didn’t garner any responses at all.

If you’re NOT interested in that, what would you be interested in?

Instructions on meditating, with things like email reminders to get you to take a few minutes to clear your head? Guided meditations?

More posts on how to get through hard times?

More posts on mental illness?

Feeling better about yourself?

Looking for some ideas here, if you’ve got anything, comment here or on the FB page.

Video Post – Learning to read Oracle Decks

In addition to Tarot, I also read Oracle decks. In this post, I briefly describe the difference between Oracle decks and Tarot and give a brief introduction to how I learn to read a new deck.

In the video, I reference the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms  deck by Colette Baron-Reid. You can find out more about Colette here.


I also mention the Wisdom of the House of Night deck: C started reading the series of books by P.C. and Kristen Cast a few years ago and has been reading them as they’ve been published. This deck is aimed at fans of the series.

This is the card I’m talking about from the new Enchanted Map Oracle Cards.  Baron-Reid’s book The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life is at that link. 

Click here to see what people say about my readings, and click here to book your reading!

Tarot Readings

In the last few months, I’ve mentioned Leela Somaya’s Succulent, Savvy, Soul-full Business Revolution. I was looking for inspiration, to try to figure out something I can do to both help other people and help myself at the same time.

I mentioned in a post part-way through the summit that I had some emotional breakthroughs connected with doing something to start helping others with some spiritual work.

I’m still having trouble figuring out exactly what my focus is for that kind of work. But, I won a contest for the SSSBR that included a 30 minute coaching session with Leela.

During the conversation, I mentioned that I’m not consistent with my blog/webpage, and that I don’t market it consistently, even though I know some of the things I “should” do. She stopped the direction of the conversation and said that we needed to explore that, “Why haven’t you been consistent?”

Of course I’ve asked myself that, and not come up with any satisfying answers. But she said, “Maybe you don’t want it bad enough yet.”

That felt like a gut-punch.

Of course I want it! I’ve put off doing it for I don’t know how many years. I’m making so much progress internally. I’ve done all this stuff to get ready for it. I’ve put up more posts and actually taken steps to DO SOMETHING – which is much more than I’ve done, ever.

But I look at that paragraph right now, and it’s a lot of “I”. There’s no “what can I do for others?” there. And that needs to be my focus.

We also talked about the ebook/workbook I’m writing and she thought that I should offer a service instead of a product first. And then create a product around my service.

And I’m still not exactly sure what that service should be.

But what I *can* do, right now, is give Tarot readings.

I’ve been interested in Tarot since I was a teenager, and began giving readings for fun in my 20s.

I’ve only rarely charged money for it, and usually much less than the going rate for that kind of thing.

In my bad money times, I thought about doing readings in a local metaphysical store, but never got up the nerve to ask how to get started in the store that used to be near me, and now that store is closed.

I used to think that I had to do the readings in person, because it’s simple to connect with a person that way, and read their body language and energy during the reading.

But last month, I had a reading done online by Jess Carlson. I was astonished at how good it was (and if you don’t trust me because I’m just getting started online, buy from her. Seriously. She’s good. And I’m not an affiliate for her. If she had an affiliate program, I would be). She’s a Wild Sister, so I contacted her and asked a few questions. My style is completely different from hers, but she provided some good guidance.

I took a chance, and decided to do this.

I offered a few people test readings to get used to the format, and get some feedback on how the readings went.

I was nervous at first, scared that it wouldn’t go well, that I couldn’t do it in this format. But the response has been amazing.

So far, each reading I’ve done has seemed to help the people I’ve read for.

I remember when I first started tutoring and I’d come home from my sessions so jazzed that I seemed to be helping those kids. And now, I feel the same way about this.

If I can start here, and help people. . . Well, for one thing then I don’t feel totally useless. 🙂 But I also do want to help people reach clarity about issues in their lives, to help them look within and overcome their own fears and insecurities, to help them be strong.

And this is a beginning to getting there.

If you ever wanted to get a reading, I’m having a sale for the month of April, offering rock-bottom prices. I’d also appreciate it if you could spread the word. Post links on your Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media accounts, please. Tell people you know who may be interested, as well.

Thank you!