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Pagan Blog Project: H is for Herbs

When I was a baby witch, just learning my craft, I got really into herbs. Like REALLY into. 🙂 I had the classic Herb Book, which is likely still in my library somewhere! I bought herbs at magick shops and food

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Emotion vs. Logic

I am often of two minds about a lot of things. I call these “Emotion Brain” and “Logic Brain”. They are quite often at odds. My first pdoc told me that I was smart, I knew all the right things

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Reminiscing, Realization

I’m over the almost 2 month freak out about THE ex calling, I think. It hit a peak earlier this week, and suddenly, my feelings are very. . . different. I started thinking about other men from my past that

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I have an answer!

I’ve been beating myself up over becoming obsessed since the ex called. But I found a Psychology Today article that I think is helping me, a LOT. Go ahead, read the article, I’ll wait (it’s four pages long). . . Some of

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Medication Discovery

While my daughter is visiting family back east, I’ve been working on getting some stuff organized in the apartment. Today, I started going through my old medicine bottles. I’m a little freaked out. I know that I’m not always “good”

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