Spring – new growth.

First of all, I know there’s still snow in a lot of North America, but where I live, spring has well and truly sprung. Trees are blooming (which is why I’m awake at 3:30 a.m. – allergies!).

I don’t know what kind of tree the ones with the white flowers are, but the pink are from cherry trees, and the purplish flowers with spiky stems are from a rosemary bush.

Ever since we moved here (in 2001! I can’t believe I’ve lived in one place so long!), every spring I’ve said, “I need to get some pics of the cherry trees, because they’re so pretty!”

And I never actually get outside to take the pics before the blooms are gone. But this year, I actually did it! Woo hoo!

I have several partially written posts, but nothing complete enough to post.

I have been doing a lot of things behind the scenes, journaling, getting ready to start with Invincible Summer., and processing stuff I’ve learned through the Succulent, Savvy, Soulful Business Revolution.

Last week, I took a break from all things blog and business while sketching out something I’m working on.
In the meantime, I have been working on some internal stuff. 
I have listened to Jeneth Blackert’s talk on SSBR three times now.

There was so much in her almost 2-hour talk that resonates strongly with me.

In particular, she calls herself a “Change Agent” and says she won’t give people “answers”, she helps them ask questions. And just asking the questions helps people change their energy.

Some of the questions she asks are things like, 

What is it that you know that you’re refusing to know and that if you stopped refusing it now would change everything?”

Think about that one for a minute. You don’t have to have an answer to the question. Just think about the question, and see how asking it makes you feel. A little uncomfortable? A bit excited?

 What dream have you given up long ago where if you chose it now would make your life a total joy?

Today on Facebook, she asked,

What is the most phenomenal thing that could happen now? 

And again, you don’t HAVE to answer the questions. Just ask them and see how you feel when asking them. That last one – for me, fear is the first thing that comes up. Why is that a scary thing? To think about something great that could happen? To picture something good happening? Why is that so terrifying? Because I’m not used to it? Because I don’t know how to handle it when good things happen? Why do I limit myself so much?

On Friday last week, Erika Watson talked about partnerships. Listening to her talk reinforced the idea that joining the Wild Sisterhood was a good idea, and so was creating the small mastermind group I’ve been working with. (Check out Esscentual Alchemy – the owner is one of my mastermind peeps!)

But I am still on information overload. There are several talks I haven’t even listened to yet. I’ve barely had time to process the ones I’ve listened to a couple of times and taken notes on. There’s several others I’ve listened to but not taken notes on, and mean to go back and listen to again. I’ve only just scratched the surface of the workbooks and bonus material. It’s so overwhelming.

But I also feel things shifting. Things inside me, things in my life.

It’s strange, because unless something drastic happens soon, next month is going to bring a lot of financial pressure and problems.

And yet, I’m not nearly as nervous about it as I think I should be.

The bills are paid for this month, and for now, that’s all I can do.

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Goals update

Photo from unprofound, words from Richard Bach

Just a brief post here.

One of my goals was to get more consistent with posting. Trying to not be overly ambitious, I said I’d do “at least 52 blog posts” in the year, and spread that out over a couple of blogs I write for. Meaning, at least one post per week on any blog.

As of yesterday, between here and Las Flacas I’ve done more than 25 already.

So, I’ve changed the goal to 100, but if I keep going at this pace, I’ll pass that pretty quickly, too.

I’m also working on trying to establish a couple of habits.

The 10 minutes of writing a day is still going well, and it’s usually much more than that, 30 minutes or more.

Investing in creating a new business is also on the list, and I’ve been listening to free podcasts and/or live conferences every day. I’ve gotten a ton of information and inspiration. I’m still not entirely sure what direction this is going, but I’m trying to journal it out.

And setting Most Important Tasks for the day and daily “to do” lists. I don’t always get everything done, but taking the time to think about things that need to be done helps me focus. I don’t quite make it every day, but a little more each week.

I’m moving forward on my teaching credential as well, although I still have a couple of emotional blocks stopping me from one or two steps. Working on that.

I still need to get a bit more income coming in right now until I can start teaching full time.

I’m NOT doing so well on my fitness goals but it’s possible I’m trying to do too much all at once, so as some things become more habitualized, I’m adding more in.

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One nugget of wisdom from one of podcasts I’ve listened to is a quote from the Sufi mystic Rumi is “What you are seeking is seeking you.” This hit me hard. It’s similar to “You teach best what you most need to learn,” which the intermawebs attribute to Richard Bach, and was part of my spiritual training. I’m meditating on these a lot lately, because I think the key to my next path is in there.

Couple of quick random notes

Thanks for the feedback on the video. I think I’ll do some from time to time, maybe a couple times a month.

I watched a couple of videos recently that were interviews with successful people. One, an interview with Amos Winbush of Cybersynchs on the blog Eventual Millionaire talked about some of the hard times he went through at the beginning of founding his company. He also talked about an affirmation he used. He would walk the streets in New York City, throw his arms open wide and say (or think):

I am open and receptive of all the abundance and energy in the universe. Thank you, life!

I just thought that was beautiful.

He also said he had the same negative self-talk we all have, and he felt like a failure, like maybe he wasn’t doing the right thing. All of it. But he said his affirmation helped keep him centered.

I know the interview is long, over 40 minutes, but I thought it was really good.


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