Weekly Oracle Reading: January 6-12, 2014

I’m a little late getting this up tonight. I thought I’d have time earlier in the day to write it up, but things got really busy at work and I took a short lunch.

Then, when I came home after tutoring, my poor little kitty had stopped eating again. 😦 Boo.

Today’s Oracle Reading is from the Energy Oracle Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor.

This is my newest deck, and it’s so gorgeous! For a few readings, I’ve blended it seamlessly with one of Colette Baron-Reid’s.  

Once again, I’m going to look at this as if it were for myself, but I’d love to hear if it relates to your life!

I’m doing a 3-card this time, but instead of Body/Mind/Spirit, I’m looking at it as Opportunities/Challenges/Outcomes.

1. Opportunities – 46. The Thinking Man – This card is supposed to represent either a mentor/teacher/guide or a possible new love interest. However, my eyes are drawn most to the crystal he’s holding, not the man. I feel this means a new path opening up – wisdom? knowledge? A new way of seeing things.

As I think about that a bit, there has been something I have started to look at in a new way – a path I’ve been walking that might need to change.

2. Obstacles – 18. Anxiety, Reversed – Anxiety is a big part of my life, constant stress – financial, social, near constant companion. While reversed, this card could imply an end to worries (or a need to worry), because it’s also in the position of Obstacles, I feel that it means that the worry/anxiety can be . . . harnessed. Like, when you get really keyed up before a big test and it helps you focus, or you really need that fight or flight reflex. So, like a double negative, no worries as an Obstacle means there may be some advantage gained by focusing the anxiety correctly.

3. Outcome – 43. Man Holding a Coin, reversed – So, sexy guy with money? Bring it on! 😛 Oh, but he’s reversed. hmmm. 😛

My initial feeling is that this could mean a drain of resources, which may be financial or may be emotional in a way that could affect finances or health. I think it’s pretty clear that in this deck “a coin” is like pentacles in the Tarot – representing the element of Earth – physicality, health and finances.

Putting it together, it appears that if I don’t figure out how to harness the anxiety, there may be a drain on my (emotional? physical?) resources – but in either case, new wisdom or a whole new path will be opened.

Does any of this relate to you? Please share below!

Weekly Oracle Reading Dec 30, 2013 – Jan 5, 2014

I’ve seen a lot of other readers do publish weekly readings and people seem to like them.

I find a couple of things odd about it, which is one reason I haven’t started doing it.

Most of these readings are 3-card readings but they are also temporal readings, meaning the three cards are supposed to represent 7 days as the beginning, middle and end of the week. Of course, 7 days don’t really break up evenly like that. Some say Card 1 is for Mon/Tues, Card 2 is for Wed/Thurs and Card 3 is for “the weekend.” I suppose that makes a kind of sense, but sometimes I find more Real Life happens on the weekend, while the week is concentrated on Work Life. So, having only 1 card represent the weekend seems a little light.

However 3-card readings can also lend themselves to other breakdowns, like Body/Mind/Spirit or Health/Work/Relationships (or Family) or other break downs.

I’m probably going to do one of those most weeks.

The other thing I find weird is that to me, readings are intensely personal, so saying that a reading is for everyone. . . strikes me as odd. I know that it’s general energy trends, not specifics, but I still find it weird. I don’t know if I can do that.

So, for now, I’m going to do the reading as if it were for me, and if I can see how it can relate to everyone, I’ll put that in.

I’m also going to ask for feedback. . . if you can see how a card or interpretation can relate to you, let me know!

Now, onto the reading. . . .

I’m using Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map deck this week.


11. Balancing Act – Reversed – 

That makes total sense. Upright the card would indicate that I am in balance, reversed, I am not.

And it’s true. My own physical health has taken a backseat to many other things. I’m not active and I have not been eating well. I’m also having trouble sleeping. It looks as though this may continue.

 But I think I’ve drawn the card to get me to focus on this issue, so I can use it to focus on my health. Interestingly, my eyes are drawn most to the heart-shaped flower petals, which are supposed to represent love and devotion. That being out of whack is something that has been on my mind lately, as well.


53. Listening.

This image of the Elephant is enchanting. The elephant has large ears to hear, and there seems to be music playing, or is that the birds singing? The green is a calming and healing color.

My eyes are drawn to the elephant’s wise and knowing face. He cannot see the birds where they are perched (well, maybe the one on his tusk) but he doesn’t question where the music is coming from, he just knows.

Elephants are symbols of memory, wisdom and good fortune. They always remind me of my great-grandmother. Edith always had elephant statues and on jewelry as symbols of good luck.

It’s funny because after months of being silent on the blog, I’m just starting to write again, finding my voice, and now the guidance is to Listen.

That’s ok, though, because Listening and reflection are already on the schedule for this week. 🙂

And just the last few days, I’ve been realizing that I’ve turned back to using entertainment as distraction. I’ve been watching all these British shows on Hulu, pretty much non-stop (as I discovered a few I had never seen). I enjoy the shows, but I’m using it as a way to avoid going within, to avoid Listening to my higher self or to Spirit.

I suspect it’s because I think I’m not going to like what I hear, so I want to avoid hearing it. But it’s time. It’s time to hear what’s been trying to come through.


25. Metamorphosis Reversed – 

The butterfly on the chrysalis is an obvious symbol here. Going through great changes.

But aren’t we always going through changes? If you aren’t changing inside, are you even alive?

Reversed, this is supposed to be a reminder that change can be painful, but worth it.

Funny, I’ve been thinking the worst is behind me. Perhaps not. Perhaps there is more spiritually difficult times on the horizon, and this is a reminder to keep the end-game in mind?

My eyes are drawn this time to the flamingos, with their necks curving into a heart shape.


Maybe that does make sense, with some things in my personal life that have been coming to light recently, and ties back into the first card.

Yes, change can be uncomfortable. And it can hurt to give up on long-held dreams.

But, sometimes that change really is necessary.

How about you?

So, do any of these cards speak to you?

Do you see symbolism different than I’ve mentioned?

Does anything I’ve said apply to you this week? (and if you’re reading this long after this week, does it speak to you on the day you’re reading it?)

Not to get too awful salesy, but if you’d like to book a reading with this deck, you can do so here.